story of gerbou

Story of Gerbou

In the dynamic landscape of Dubai, a city where innovation and tradition merge to create an ever-evolving tapestry of experiences, nestled in the Nad Al Sheba 1 neighborhood, a unique collaboration between Tashkeel, an art and design consultancy with studio offices and incubators for those in the creative field collaborating on design with Kristina Zanic Consultants, and Atelier House Hospitality, a name synonymous with bespoke dining experiences, has given rise to Gerbou. Tashkeel, with its roots deep in the cultural grass roots of the UAE since 2008, has been the patron, and the home of emerging design and artistic expression, while Atelier House Hospitality has carved a niche in curating gastronomic journeys that speak to the soul. Together, they have woven their expertise to bring forth a concept that is a celebration of locale, heritage, and forward-thinking elegance in food and spacial design.

Our Philosophy

At Gerbou, our philosophy is a tribute to the natural order, embracing the subtlety and strength found within nature's cycles and the local
environment. This philosophy guides us aswe craft experiences that resonate with purity and authenticity, reflected through our commitment to
seasonality, simplicity, and locality.

  • Seasonality



    Our menus are inspired by the flow of the seasons, where we harness the peak of nature's offerings.

    This commitment to seasonality ensures that our guests enjoy ingredients when they are at their most flavorful and nutritionally rich, embodying the very essence of the time of year.

    It’s a celebration of the natural lifecycle of produce that also supports the environment by reducing the reliance on imported goods.

  • Simplicity



    Elegance in simplicity. Our culinary approach is rooted in the belief that the true essence of an ingredient is best appreciated in its most natural state.

    We focus on perfecting the fundamental elements of each dish, allowing the quality and flavors of our locally sourced ingredients to speak for themselves.

    This minimalist approach brings forth an honest and straightforward dining experience that is both refined and unadulterated.

  • Locality



    Locality is the cornerstone of Gerbou's identity. By sourcing our ingredients from the nearest places, we not only bring the freshest flavors to your plate but also support and uplift the local agriculture and artisanal community.

    This practice strengthens the bond between the diner and the land, offering a taste of the region's culinary heritage while contributing to sustainable practices that benefit the environment and the local economy.