Posted 3 months ago

Restaurant Manager

Job brief

  • To organize and oversee the daily operations of our company. You will be the one to ensure that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people.
  • The goal is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company‚Äôs operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.
  • Restaurant Manager responsibilities include planning food and beverage menus, scheduling shifts and coordinating food preparation and serving during events. To be successful in this role, you should have work experience in hospitality and solid organizational abilities.
  • Ultimately, you will ensure that we run efficient catering facilities and help increase our clientele.


  • Liaise with Gerbou LLC and Chef to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals.
  • Plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress.
  • Supervise staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback.
  • Evaluate regularly the efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives and apply improvements.
  • Manage procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation.
  • Oversee customer support processes and organize them to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Review financial information and adjust operational budgets to promote profitability.
  • Revise and/or formulate policies and promote their implementation.
  • Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors.
  • Evaluate overall performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics.
  • Ensure that the company runs with legality and conformity to established regulations.
  • Providing human resources leadership, ongoing development, counselling and supervision.
  • Selecting, training, and leading high-performance management teams.
  • Setting the example and inspiring people to perform at the highest level by developing and implementing company standards of service.
  • Directing and overseeing the details of the restaurant opening.
  • Directing revenue enhancements and bottom-line increases.
  • Maintaining consistency within the brand.
  • Auditing business to ensure it meets identified operational standards, food safety standards, cleanliness standards and labour laws.
  • Working with Controller to establish and manage budgets for all entities.
  • Analyzing and interpreting P&Ls.
  • Recognizing success and achievements.
  • Fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, positive energy and inclusion and maintains the company open door policy.
  • Working closely with the marketing department to roll out initiatives and execute special events.
  • Manage and upkeep facility, assets, stock control, and equipment.
  • Manage and direct the team to ensure smooth daily operations of the restaurant.
  • Contribute to implementing visions in regard to food presentation in the restaurant.
  • Appraise and asses staff performance according to set standards of organization.
  • Establish Restaurant Operational Procedures and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Establishing Restaurant Health and Safety standards and meet requirements as set by the Government entities.
  • Accountable for budget and profitability of the operations.


  • Work experience as a Restaurant Manager, Operations Manager or similar role.
  • Understanding of food hygiene.
  • Hands-on experience with creating menus from scratch.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
  • Customer service attitude.
  • Ability to remain calm and make quick decisions under stressful circumstances.
  • Flexibility to work during weekends and holidays.
  • Certification in hospitality or culinary management is a plus.
  • Responsible and trustworthy.